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Relative Importance of POCS Oil Platforms on the Population Dynamics of Two Reef Fishes in the Eastern Santa Barbara Channel
Principal Investigators: Hunter Lenihan and Andrew Brooks




Ecological Performance and Trophic Links: Comparisons Among Platforms and Natural Reefs for Selected Fishes and Their Prey
Principal Investigators: Mark Page, Jenifer Dugan, Milton Love, and Hunter Lenihan




Weathering of Aromatic Compounds in the Coastal Marine Environment: Quantifying Rates of Microbial Metabolism
Principal Investigator: David Valentine



Use of Biological Endpoints in Flatfish to Establish Sediment Quality Criteria for Polyaromatic Hydrocarbon Residues and Assess Remediation Strategies
Principal Investigator: Daniel Schlenk




Transport over the Inner shelf of the Santa Barbara Channel
Principal Investigator: J. Carter Ohlmann




Utilization  of  Sandy  Beaches  by  Shorebirds:  Relationships  to  Population  Characteristics  of  Macrofauna  Prey  Species  and  Beach Morphodynamics
Principal Investigator: Jenifer Dugan



Simulation of a Subsurface Oil Spill by a Hydrocarbon Seep (SSOS-HYS) AND Oil Slicks in the Ocean: Predicting their Release Points Using the Natural Laboratory of the Santa Barbara Channel
Principal Investigators: Jordan Clark, Bruce Luyendyk, and Ira Leifer



Following  Changes  in  the  Abundaces  of  Rocky  Intertidal Populations  in Orange  County,  California:  Contributions  to  a  Regional  Monitoring Network
Principal Investigators: Russell J. Schmitt, and Steven N. Murray



Observing the Surface Circulation Along the South-Central California Coast Using High Frequency Radar: Consequences for Larval and Pollutant Dispersal
Principal Investigators: Libe Washburn, and Steven Gaines




Public   Perceptions   of   Risk   Associated   with   Offshore   Oil  Development
Principal Investigator: Eric R.A.N. Smith



                                                                                                                    Inventory of Rocky Intertidal Resources in Southern Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles Counties

Principal Investigator: Richard Ambrose



Population Dynamics and Biology of the California Sea Otter at the Southern End of its Range
Principal Investigators: James Estes, Terrie Williams, Daniel Costa, Katherine Ralls, and Donald Siniff




Population Genetics of Surfgrass (Phyllospadix torreyi) for Use in Restoration
Principal Investigators: Scott Hodges, Douglas Bush, Sally Holbrook, and Daniel Reed



Advancing Marine Biotechnology:  Use of OCS Oil Platforms as Sustainable Sources of Marine Natural Products
Principal Investigators: Russell J. Schmitt, Jenifer Dugan, Scott Hodges, Robert Jacobs, Mark Page, Leslie Wilson, and Steven Gaines




Habitat Value of Shell Mounds to Ecologically and Commercially Important Benthic Species
Principal Investigators: Mark Page, Jenifer Dugan and James Childress




Spatial and Temporal Variation in Recruitment to Rocky Shores: Relationship to Recovery Rates of Intertidal Communities
Principal Investigators: Peter Raimondi and Richard Ambrose




Joint UCSB-MMS Pacific OCS Student Internship and Trainee Program
Principal Investigator: Jenifer Dugan





Testing and Calibrating the Measurement of Nonmarket Values for Oil Spills Via the Contingent Valuation Method
Principal Investigators: W. Michael Hanemann and Jon A. Krosnick




Shoreline Inventory of Intertidal Resources of San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa Barbara Counties
Principal Investigator: Peter Raimondi




Population Trends and Trophic Dynamics in Pacific OCS Ecosystems: What Can Monitoring Data Tell Us?
Principal Investigators: Russell J. Schmitt and Andrew J. Brooks



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