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Jordan Clark

Associate Professor,

Geological Sciences, Environmental Studies

University of California, Santa Barbara


Contact Information

Department of Geological Sciences
Program of Environmental Studies
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106


Research Interests

Aqueous geochemistry centering on: 1) the transport of water and dissolved material in groundwater, surface waters, and the coastal ocean; 2) how flow patterns affect water quality; 3) gas exchange across the air-water interface; 4) climate change during the last 30,000 yr. These questions are examined using experiments conducted by introducing chemical tracers into the water bodies, plus analysis of flow patterns, residence times, and mixing rates inferred from the distribution of natural and anthropogenic tracers.


Current Projects

Simulation of a Subsurface Oil Spill by a Hydrocarbon Seep (SSOS-HYS)


Oil Slicks in the Ocean: Predicting their Release Points Using the Natural Laboratory of the Santa Barbara Channel


Completed Project

A Methodology for Investigation of Natural Hydrocarbon Gas Seepage in the Northern Santa Barbara Channel (PDF)




Curriculum Vitae

Jordan Clark