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Peter T. Raimondi

Professor and Chair, Department of Biology

University of California, Santa Cruz


Contact Information

Department of Biology
University of California, Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, California 95460


Research Interests

Contribution of oceanographic processes, larval dispersal, larval behavior and post-settlement processes to near-shore subtidal and intertidal communities, population dynamics of the barnacle Chthamalus anisopoma in the northern Gulf of California, contribution of larval behavior to the distributions of the corals Agaricia humilis and Acropora palmata, and factors affecting dispersal and self-fertilization in the giant kelp Macrocystis pyrifera.


Current Projects

Spatial and Temporal Variation in Recruitment to Rocky Shores: Relationship to Recovery Rates of Intertidal Communities


Shoreline Inventory of Intertidal Resources of San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa Barbara Counties


Completed Project

Effects of Produced Water on Complex Behavior Traits of Invertebrate Larvae (PDF)


Related Activities:

Ecological Issues Related to Decommissioning of California's Offshore Production Platforms (PDF)


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Curriculum Vitae

Peter Raimondi