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JOINT UCSB-MMS PACIFIC                                                    OCS STUDENT INTERNSHIP AND TRAINEE PROGRAM

Principal Investigator: Jenifer Dugan (UCSB) and Edward Keller (UCSB)


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Summary of Research


The CMI internship program experienced continued success with excellent interest and participation by prospective interns and mentors.  Feedback from all participating interns and mentors continues to be very positive and enthusiastic.  As in previous years, the UC Santa Barbara Environmental Studies Internship Program served as an effective mechanism for advertising positions, screening applicants and reviewing intern performances. The expanded distribution of advertisements for intern positions to other academic departments at UC Santa Barbara including: Department of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology, Department of Geology, Department of Geography, Girvetz Graduate School of Education  and the Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Management was effective in locating prospective interns and was successful in reaching students from a range of academic majors, levels and backgrounds to fill various internship openings. 


We work with MMS personnel to develop position descriptions and advertise new internships through UCSB academic departments and programs.  Student interns were jointly mentored by MMS staff and/or a member of the UCSB faculty or professional research staff.  During recent years more than 9 graduate and undergraduate student interns were involved in 6 projects at MMS headquarters and on the UCSB campus.  Projects included 1) assisting with the development of websites and online data reporting for the MARINE rocky intertidal monitoring program (Jennifer Klaib mentored by Ms. Dunaway of MMS and Dr. Engle of UCSB), 2) the development and implementation of  a comprehensive compilation of scientific reprints resulting from >15 years of MMS funded research and provided program assistance (Jennifer Lape mentored by Dr. Dugan), 3) taking photographs and developing content for use in updating the CMI website (Beth O'Connor mentored by Dr. Dugan) and 4) assisting with the development of K-12 educational curricula and materials comparing alternative energy sources (Kristina Estudillo mentored by Ms. Dunaway of MMS). 


With funding provided by  the UCSB Shoreline Preservation Fund,  our internship program was expanded to  support a number of additional undergraduate interns who assisted CMI Principal Investigators with CMI research projects.  Student interns for these projects included Shannon Herrar who assisted with demographic studies of fishes on reefs and oil platforms mentored by Drs. Brooks and Lenihan, Sabrina Beyer, Rachelle Fisher, Justin Hoesterey, and Stacie Fejtek who assisted with sample analyses to compare benthic invertebrates from offshore oil platforms and natural reefs mentored by Drs. Page and Dugan of UCSB, Peter White who assisted Dr. Ohlmann with drifter studies,  Zuag Yang  who assisted with research on hydrocarbons in natural petroleum mentored by Dr. Valentine and Tom Littlejohn who assisted with otolith studies on fishes mentored by Drs. Brooks and Lenihan.



Joint UCSB-MMS Pacific OCS Graduate Trainee Program


Graduate students and post-doctoral researchers continued to be directly or indirectly exposed to research sponsored by the Coastal Marine Institute through a variety of mechanisms.  This exposure ranged from short term participation in field studies to the development of thesis proposals related to CMI projects.  Students involved in short-term participation in CMI projects received summaries of the objectives and the relevance of the studies to decision-making and policy development at MMS.  In addition, some of the information produced by CMI sponsored projects has been incorporated into graduate and undergraduate curricula at UC Santa Barbara.  A list of participating graduate students and postdoctoral researchers appears  our Annual Reports.


Information Transfer Seminars (ITS)


Information transfer seminars are scheduled as requested by MMS personnel.





CMI Interns on the Internet


Included in the ranks of the CMI interns are several accomplished web designers:

  • Jennifer Klaib created a website and a system for online data reporting for the MARINE rocky intertidal monitoring program:                                      www.marine.gov/


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