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Jenifer E. Dugan

Associate Research Biologist, Marine Science Institute

Deputy Director, Coastal Marine Institute

University of California, Santa Barbara


Contact Information

Marine Science Institute
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106


Research Interests

Coastal marine ecology and conservation, with an emphasis on soft
sediment habitats, such as exposed sandy beaches and wetlands. 


Current Projects

Joint UCSB-MMS Pacific OCS Student Internship and Trainee Program


Habitat Value of Shell Mounds to Ecologically and Commercially Important Benthic Species


Advancing Marine Biotechnology:  Use of OCS Oil Platforms as Sustainable Sources of Marine Natural Products


Ecological Performance and Trophic Links: Comparisons Among Platforms and Natural Reefs for Selected Fishes and Their Prey


Utilization of Sandy Beaches by Shorebirds: Relationships to Population Characteristics of Macrofauna Prey Species and Beach Morphodynamics


Completed Projects

Industrial Activity and Its Socioeconomic Impacts: Oil and Three Coastal California Counties (PDF)


Effect of Offshore Oil Production Structures on the Distribution Patterns on the Distribution Patterns of Commercially Important Benthic Crustaceans, with Emphasis on the Rock Crab (PDF)

Curriculum Vitae

Jenifer E. Dugan