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Environmental Fate

Environmental Policy

Pollution Prevention

Remediation & Bioremediation

Risk Assessment

Toxicology & Epidemiology & Health Effects


Environmental Fate

Richard F. Ambrose
A. Russell Flegal
Steve Gaines
Alex Horne
Roger Nisbet
Pete Raimondi
David Sedlak
Brad Tebo
Anna Obraztosova
Anna Steding
Karen Murray
Mara Ranville

Rebecca Verity
Shelly Luce
Y. Meriah Arias

Mechanism of Cr(VI) reduction/immobilization by bacteria
Understanding the influence of natural organic matter on mercury methylation rates in wetland sediments
Biogeochemistry of chromium in marine sediments
Using Cu isotopes as environmental tracers: A study of the Spenceville Cu Mine, Nevada County, CA
Regulation of Manganese oxidation in Pseudomonas putida GB-1
Effects of organophosphate pesticides on acetylcholinesterase acitivity in wild arroyo chub
Reduction of hexavalent Chromium bacteria in marine sediments



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