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Richard F. Ambrose
Susan Anderson
Steve Gaines
Sally Holbrook
Michael Latz
Roger Nisbet
Brian Palenik
Pete Raimondi
Russ Schmitt
Rick Vance
Andrew Whitehead
Aubrey Davis
Brian Kinlan
Craig Schuman
Dimitri D. Deheyn
Dori Landry
Erik Muller
Julie Kellner
Michelle Anghera
Sean Anderson
Shelly Luce
Stuart Levenbach
Todd E. Minchinton

Short-term and long-term effects of pesticide exposure on native fish populations
Copper induced cell surface proteins from coastal marine diatoms
Implications of multiple dispersal scales for marine community connectivity
A comparison of remove sensing and ground based methods for monitoring wetland restoration success
Investigation of fish carboxylesterase activity in response to multiple classes of agricultural chemicals
Development of marine metazoan phsiological bioassay for heavy metal contamination
Detection of nitrogen starved and nitrogen replete populations of the coccolithophorid Emiliania huxleyi
Dynamic energy budget (DEB) models in ecotoxicology
Population dynamics influenced by point sources of disturbance in coastal marine communities: the role of spatial and temporal variability
The influence of contaminants on the benthic community in a salt marsh
Efficacy of sewage sludge in salt marsh habitat restoration
Effects of organophosphate Pesticides on acetylcholinesterase activity in wild arroyo chub
Human and natural causes of variation in forage species on nearshore rocky reefs
Detecting environmental impacts: the important of long-term monitoring programs



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