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  Name Status Task  
  Anghera, Michele Post-Grad Researcher Population Trends  
  Applegate, Brendon Undergraduate UCSB-MMS Internship  
  Blanchette, Carol Post-Doc Researcher Surfgrass Restoration  
  Boxshall, Anthony Post-Doc Researcher Effects of Produced Water  
  Bull, Scott Staff Surfgrass Restoration  
  Bunch, Jake Undergraduate Surfgrass Restoration  
  Carlisle, Juliet Graduate Student Public Perceptions of Risk  
  Cline, Geoff Undergraduate UCSB-MMS Internship  
  Dayoan, Brandon Undergraduate UCSB-MMS Internship  
  Diener, Julia High School Student Surfgrass Restoration  
  Engle, Jack Post-Graduate Researcher S. Shoreline Inventory  
  Faist, Chris Undergraduate Surfgrass Restoration  
  Fogelman, Rachel Undergraduate Surfgrass Restoration  
  Galst, Carey Undergraduate Surfgrass Restoration  
  Gocal, Carly Undergraduate UCSB-MMS Internship  
  Hayden-Spear, Jessica Undergraduate Population Trends  
  Henri, Jodie Undergraduate UCSB-MMS Internship  
  Herms, William Graduate Student Public Perceptions of Risk  
  King, Rachel Undergraduate Surfgrass Restoration  
  Lawyer, Jorine Graduate Student Population Trends  
  Lee, Melissa High School Student Surfgrass Restoration  
  Lee, Steven Post-Graduate Researcher S. & N. Shoreline Inventory  
  Marsh, Jeffrey Undergraduate UCSB-MMS Internship  
  Matlock, Morgan Graduate Student UCSB-MMS Internship  
  McTee, Sarah Undergraduate Population Trends  
  Miyagishima, Juliet Undergraduate Public Perceptions of Risk  
  Mutz, Stephanie Staff Relative Importance of POCS  
  Navano, Carla Staff Research Technician Habitat Value of Shell Mounds  
  Readdie, Mark Graduate Student N. Shoreline Inventory  
  Rodriguez, Holly Undergradute Surfgrass Restoration  
  Rossman, Ashleigh Undergraduate Surfgrass Restoration  
  Seydel, Keith Post-Graduate Researcher Population Trends  
  Smith, Brooke Undergraduate Population Trends  
  Smith, Derek Undergraduate Effects of Produced Water  
  Snyder, Garrett Undergraduate Surfgrass Restoration  
  Tinker, Tim Graduate Student Sea Otter Population Dynamics  
  Walling, Heather Undergraduate UCSB-MMS Internship  
  Woo, Lisa Undergraduate UCSB-MMS Internship  
  Williamson, Bonnie Staff UCSB-MMS Internship  
  Wilson, Melissa Staff Research Technician N. Shoreline Inventory  
  Wolcott, Bryce Undergraduate Shell Mounds & Marine Biotech.  
  Yonehiro, Jason Undergraduate Effects of Produced Water  
  Zamacona, Brian Undergraduate Surfgrass Restoration  
  Zimmerman, Eric Staff UCSB-MMS Internship