John Engle

Marine Science Institute
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, Ca 93106

B.A.Shippensburg State University, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania1971
Ph.D.University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California1979

1989-presentAssociate Research Biologist, Department of Biological Sciences and Marine Science Institute, University of California, Santa Barbara
1980-96Director of Research, The Tatman Foundation
1980-96Coordinator, Channel Islands Research Program
1991-95Biological Consultant: Chambers Group, Inc., National Geographic, Howard Hall Productions, and Edmark Corporation
1981-89Adjunct Research Associate, University of Southern California Marine Institute
1979-89Research Associate in Marine Zoology, Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History
1979-89Supervisor, USC Catalina Marine Science Center Hyperbaric Chamber
1978-86Biological Consultant: Interstate Electronics Corp., VTN Oregon, Inc., Channel Islands National Park, and Science Applications, Inc.
1977-80Research Assistant, USC Catalina Marine Science Center Species Project
1975-77Instructor, University of Southern California Underwater Natural History Classes

Biological surveys and long-term monitoring of intertidal and subtidal marine habitats.
Environmental impacts on nearshore marine ecosystems in California.
Natural history and ecology of California marine plants, invertebrates, and fishes.
Systematics and biogeography of California marine organisms.
Kelp/sea urchin/cup coral ecosystem dynamics.

Selected Publications: